Friday, 1 November 2013

Stress Relief

Well, it’s week two of my membership with the social club, Events and Adventures. I thought I’d write a little bit about my character and why ‘group dating’ seems like a natural fit.
I'm a nervous person; that's my personal omission of the week. Because of this, dating can be a huge source of anxiety.
I get nervous about what I'm going to talk about on the date, what I'll wear to the date and where we'll go on the date. I stress about it for days leading up to the first meeting. My work suffers and my hours asleep are shortened. It's as if my whole body stiffens with nervous anticipation. When the day finally comes, my face and body are visual evidence of my anxiety.
That's why I think the Events and Adventures club will work out for me. When I signup for an event, I simply add my name to a growing list of people who are interested in a specific activity. I don't have to research for days, trying to find a reputable rental company or a modern tapas bar. They've done that for me. All I need to do is choose what events I'd like to attend from the calendar.

There is suggested attire and directions. There is no back-and-forth texting trying to find an appropriate time; No volleying of date ideas; No confusion about location. The hard work is already done for you.
It makes the dating process super easy and lowers the level of anxiety. When I arrive, I know that the people who are at the event are all interested in having fun. They've chosen the same activity because they enjoy it and it works with their schedule.
With the pressure removed, I can relax and show more of my true self. I can settle into the activity, while chatting with the other members. I don’t have to worry about impressing anyone or managing the chosen event.
I’ve read that attractiveness is tightly tied to confidence. I am at my most confident when I’m enjoying myself. Events and Adventures allows me the opportunity to look more desirable while having fun. Even if I don’t meet someone at every event, I still get to get out and enjoy an active, social lifestyle.

My next event is the driving range. My only source of stress: choosing between gym shorts, tear-away pants or jeans.

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