Thursday, 27 February 2014

Go Green

Being a single person in the Lower Mainland, you put a lot of kms on your vehicle. Driving in from Langley or Surrey to hit-up a concert or to dine at a restaurant in the city starts to take a toll on your car and the environment. It's also a lot of time behind the wheel. Uggh… Who needs more of that?

Being a member of a social club that offers ride-sharing reduces the driving fatigue and the wear on your engine. It also minimizes your carbon contribution. Best of all, ride-sharing presents engaging opportunities to chat with other singles.

Socializing with other interesting people is one of best parts about being a member with Events and Adventures. When you ride share, it's almost like starting your event early. Gabbing for 30 minutes with someone you just met beats listening to the Fox any day.
You can chat about upcoming events, those underachieving Canucks, the latest movie you saw and or your excitement for the upcoming Game of Thrones season; the dragons are coming of age!

E&A provides ride-sharing for all of their weekly events. Members can offer or request a ride at the bottom of every event page on the calendar.

For members without a vehicle, ride-sharing presents an alternative to public transportation. For members with a vehicle, it presents an opportunity to reduce the gas bill and use those wonderful HOV lanes.

Terrible with directions? Share the navigational burden with another member.

At the end of the night, debrief the event and extend your socializing on the way home. And if you're the gossiping type, really who isn't, it's a perfect chance to talk about the cutie you were chatting with.

Go green, save some money and socialize with other members before your event even begins.

Saturday, 22 February 2014


Winter in Vancouver can be a gloomy experience for newcomers to our city. It's not all that cold, temperature wise, but with the moisture, some find the saturated air colder than the -15° temperatures in Calgary. But for Vancouverites, it's all about picking your spots, knowing what's available and finding the right people to adventure out with.

Last week I signed up for a 'moonlight walk' along the seawall. The weather forecast called for rain, but by the time Thursday evening came around, the clouds had cleared and the air was noticeably warmer than the weeks prior; A perfect evening for a moonlit stroll.

We met at Science World and I was pleasantly surprised by the turnout; It looked like I wasn't the only one who was dying to leave my apartment.
Our host introduced us all and made a valiant effort to remember all of our names. There were a few new faces and few old ones (friends from before).

By the time we got going the moon was completely visible. Gorgeous! We headed west along the South side of False Creek, heading towards Kitsilano.

We walked in groups and talked about our interests, our work and the club itself. I broke off for a few minutes and took in the night on my own.

But we weren't exactly alone on our urban hike. There was actually a ton of people on the seawall. Mostly runners. At one point, just past the Cambie Bridge, a massive running clinic bore down on us. It was like the running of the bulls, with less immediate danger and more Lululemon. I was definitely more comfortable with our group then the Jugo-juicers.

We reconvened as a solid unit just before Granville Island. Then we made our way to First Avenue and crossed Burrard Street. A few blocks later, we were standing outside our destination: TheSunset Grill.
Inside a small Celtic band was playing. Our group had a table at the back reserved and we spent the next hour enjoying live tunes, watching Olympic highlights and talking with new and 'old' friends.

We left after a round of small plates and headed back into the winter night - a glorious night for the so-called 'city of gloom.'

Friday, 14 February 2014

Top 10 Valentine's Day Messages (To Send Yourself)

Here are ten quirky messages to send yourself on Valentines:

10. "Without your heart, I would be lost."
  • Well, actually you'd be dead.

9. "The selfie you took in the bathroom was gorgeous."
  • Forget the Facebook likes - The hour you spent on your hair was totally worth it.

8. "I saved a spot for you on the couch."
  • Ahhhh… Really? Will popcorn, pajama pants and Netflix be joining us?

7. "The yoga is paying off."
  • It’s not just the Lulus.

6. "We should split a bottle of wine tonight."
  • Or two.

5.  "You make the best scrambled eggs."
  • The morning after breakfast is essential for securing a second performance. Practice makes perfect.

4.  "You looked sexier with the moustache."
  • Memories of Movember. #TomSelleckSwagger

3. "I know you love chocolate, so I bought you the royal sampler."
  • Sorry, did you say something after chocolate...

2. "I couldn't keep my hands off you last night."
  • Nothing wrong with a little solo fun, unless you're competing. "And then there were two…"

1. "We should get out more."

Did that get weird? A little…

Bonus: A Valentine's Day message from supermodel Gisele:

Sunday, 9 February 2014

Ten Awkward Speed Dating Conversations

To be a fly on the wall for some of these conversations would be epic:

10. "You look just like my sister."
Flattering? Not really. I'm sure his sister is a beautiful woman, but no one wants to be compared to a family member. Gross.

9. "I left high school early."
Sure… "I guess you weren't being challenged...?"

8. "Do you have life insurance?"
Red flag! "Next."

7. "The cream cleared up everything."
Honesty is important. But there are limits.

6. "And when I got my fourth cat, I figured, why not five?"
More than one cat and you're basically throwing in the towel.

5. "I'd have to say the Love Guru. Favourite movie."
Yikes. Even Mike Myers was ashamed to be associated with that piece of garbage. And he wrote, directed and starred in it.

4. "Well I'm still on probation for another 8 months."
The jail yard neck tattoo should have been your first clue.

3. "The best part about living with my parents: access to the fridge."
There is no right way to end that sentence. 

2. "It's not really a fetish, more of a requirement."
Flashbacks to Pulp Fiction: "Bring out the gimp."

1. "Kids? Hate em. Vile little things."
Not wanting kids is one thing. Hating them is another.

At Events and Adventures, all the potential applicants are screened. You can't just walk off the street and become a member. When you meet people at an activity, you know they have their life in order.

They chose the same event as you did, so you definitely have that in common. They still might hold a place in their heart for the Love Guru, but at least you both enjoy rock climbing. 

Apply for a membership and start meeting legitimate contenders.