Saturday, 9 November 2013

Searching for Singles in Vancouver

November is here, and with it, another month as a single man in Vancouver. But things are going to change. I can feel it.

This week, I thought I would compile a list of some of the best places in Vancouver to meet single girls. To make this list, I consulted a number of my friends, scanned a few Internet sites and puled on my own experiences. Each setting is graded on conversation opportunities, repeat visits (the likelihood of seeing the same girl twice at the same location), smile factor, age appropriate (the average age of the women frequenting this location) and overall potential. So without further ado, here is our list of our top locations for meeting women in the city of Vancouver.

1.The Gym - Vancouver is full of them. I've found that the YMCA downtown on Burrard is one of the best places in the city to meet women. It also has a huge selection of services, including a brand new pool area. This may be shallow to say, but one of the best things about meeting a girl at the gym is you know she is committed to looking good.

Conversation: There are so many different conversation starters at the gym, from inquiring about equipment to talking about technique. One of the downsides is girls often have their headphones in.

On Repeat: The gym is an excellent location for seeing the same girl twice. We are creatures of habit and you can use this to your advantage. Chances are high you will see the same people at the gym when you come at the same time the following week. Bonus: Repeatability will keep you going back to the gym on a regular basis. Your body thanks you.

Smiles: The smile factor can be a bit low at the gym. Sometimes patrons are more focused on getting through the pain than flashing a smile.

Age: The average age depends on the gym and the immediate community.  Again, the YMCA on Burrard is a nice mix of young, thirties and middle aged.

Potential: Your chance of getting a phone number is high if you take it slow. Because of the repeatability, you can wait till the second or third meeting. Play it cool at first and see where it goes.

 2. The Gastown Scene - This is where the kids are heading. Full with tourists during the day, Gastown is home to the Vancouver single community at night. From the Lamplighter, to the Revel Room, to Chill Winston, to the Alibi Room, Gastown has a ton of nooks, dance floors and tasty plates. It's proximity to the Waterfront public transport hub means you can leave the car at home.

Conversation: The conversation is easier than the Granville Street scene, but you may have to brush up on your pop culture references.

On Repeat: The repeatability is a little lower when you are dealing with a loose connection of bars, clubs and restaurants. What does this mean for the single man out on the town: if you see the signs, go for it. You probably won't see her again.

Smiles: With alcohol in the mix, the chance for a random smile is higher than the gym. The only thing is, girls may also be more likely to have their defence prepped and ready.

Age: Like the YMCA, the age spectrum runs the gamut from just got their ID to late 40s.

Potential: Visit a number of different establishments in one night and your potential will dramatically increase. For guaranteed results, head to the Metropole.

3. The Grocery Store - It sounds silly, but the produce section is one of the best places to meet women. From Whole Foods, to IGA, to the most reasonably priced grocery store in the Lower Mainland, No Frills, the grocery store is the perfect venue for having an easy conversation with no preconceptions.

Conversation: Make your initial move in the produce department. Even if you came for a frozen pizza, spend some time with the broccoli. That's a metaphor for life right there. If you start a conversation early, you can make it a cute reoccurring thing when you bump into each other again in a different aisle.

On Repeat: The repeatability is crazy high. Everyone needs to eat. If you start to flirt with a girl, remember the time of day. She probably just got off work. Note to self: This is when she shops. 

Smiles: If you're smiling, they will mirror your expression back. Unless they are having a terrible day, a good sign not to approach. Leave them with their tub of ice cream and back away while resisting eye contact.

Age: If they're old enough to buy their own milk, they are probably within range. If they're young enough to not need car service, they are probably also within range.

Potential: Keep your head up, notice the signs, wear a smile and you are bound to meet someone at the grocery store. It may take a few meetings to work towards a number, but if nothing else, your stomach will keep you going back.

To be continued…

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