Tuesday 21 January 2014

Social Sobriety

Being the only one of my friends who doesn't drink, I often end up handling the driving duties. Apart from the gas bill, taking on the role of the DD is not that bad. You get to decide when everyone leaves, you get to watch your friends make ridiculous accusations about their high school athletic abilities and you get to wake-up on Saturday with the whole day ahead of you.

But, being perpetually sober has its drawbacks - not many, but a few.
Social custom tells us the best place to meet other singles is at the bar. When you don't drink, there's not much point in going to the bar, unless you're driving your compadres. If I go alone, I usually only last about thirty minutes before I am totally bored.

Then there is the attitude dished out by restaurant wait staff who are often miffed that you're not ordering wine or expensive cocktails. "No, just water thank you." I always feel like I have to order dessert or an extra appetizer just to appease the waitress.

And finally, the hook-up factor. No one, that I know of, ever hooked-up after a coffee date. Drinks on the other hand… 

So what are my options? Few.

That's why E&A is so great. The calendar is full of fun group activities, group dates that don't involve getting plastered to try and meet a handful of girls operating under the same veil. There are drinks available at some of the E&A social functions, but it is definitely not the prerequisite for having a good time.

The events on the calendar are all centered on outdoor or indoor fun. I've never felt pressure to drink or been bored with people who were drinking. That's what's cool about a social club. It's not your traditional, go to the bar to meet people set-up. It's more of a, "let's go have a ton of fun doing this random activity with other available singles" kind of vibe. Sounds a lot better doesn't it?

Let the bar-stars enjoy each other’s slurry company. Let E&A take you on an adventure you can look back on with fondness and clarity.

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