Friday, 18 October 2013

Dating Profile

The worst thing about online dating is writing the profile. It's so unnatural.
Alright, I'm going to write three paragraphs about myself. I'll need to make my current job sound ultra important. Probably should mention all the places I've been in the last five years and maybe add a few of the places I wish I've visited. Throw in how many times a week I go to the gym, sprinkle a few pop culture references to show I'm still up on what's relevant and maybe mention I like to read. #HumbleBrag
Nobody dumps that much information on someone when they first meet. It's way more than needed. It kinda takes the whole romance element out of dating. Here's my life story, does it fit magically fit with your life puzzle?
And then there are the private messages… You could spend an hour crafting one, talking about her likes and that silly Halloween costume she wore in one of her photos and then hear nothing. Oh well…
That's why I've given up on them. I'm 36 and single and I am officially turning my back on online dating. Who needs it!
I don't have the time or the patience. I want to be excited about meeting Vancouver singles again, not jaded by the process.
But, I do still want to meet someone.
Yes, I have a notion of who that person is, but no one in my peer group comes close. Same thing at work. Lots of friends, a few that are single, but no one I would be interested in dating.
So where do you meet people? At the bar? No thanks… At the gym? Because I'm there so frequently… Not really the right environment for striking up a conversation. So if none of those work, you end up relying on family and friends to set you up. Been down that road twice and it was clear both times that my friends clearly didn't know me.
So it's back to the computer.
Alright, how do I say I like frisbee golf without sounding like a total nerd…?

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